ASP.NET Web API Security

1. Don't need any special encryption if you are using SSL for Web API. Reference:

2 Quotes From Swami Ramsukhdasji

1. This "Jeev" even if it receives the highest post or things in this world, then too its hunger will not be satiated till it does not attain the Eternal, its very own Lord, because only God is such, through whom all fulfillment is possible. Besides God, everyone else is incomplete and imperfect.
इस जीव को संसार के किसी भी उच्चे-से- उच्चे पद या पदार्थ की प्राप्ति क्यों न हो जाए, इसकी भूक तब तक नहीं मिटती, जब तक यह अपने परम आत्मीय भगवान् को प्राप्त नहीं कर लेता, क्योंकि भगवान् ही ऐसे हैं जिनसे सब तरह की पूर्ती हो सकती है | उनके सिवा सभी अपूर्ण है | (Jeevan ka Kartavya)

Meditation Techniques from beginning to end in Hindi

This video tell about deep meditation. A journey from beginning to end. It tell using 3D models that how easy and simple to meditate.Meditation techniques are easy. For full knowledge of kundalini jagran. Awaken 6th sense. Watch this video. It will tell in scientific way how we are part of universe

Song: Shambho Shankar Namah Shivaya

- Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji Song

When you are in great tension or too much tired, Listen this song carefully and look at the pictures and feel weight less.

Add KickIt Badge for in blogger

We can add KickIt Badge for DotNetKicks in blogger using the javascript. But, It is loaded after loading all elements even it is in middle of page. Suppose, your page has a lot of ads and links and you have added DotNetKicks javascript below the post then It appears after loading all links/ads/content. Here are the steps to fix this problem without using javascript.

Active Directory group in sharepoint

what is the best approach for assigning permission levels in SharePoint?
One recommendation is to use AD groups or SharePoint groups that contain AD groups rather than individuals to control access. It's much easier to clean up AD group membership when an individual leaves than to track down all the places where you've given them individual access (including membership in SharePoint groups).

How to deploy Office Shared Add-in

Suppose you have implemented shared add-in using VS 2008 for Office 2007 and now you have to create installation package.

unable to create specified activex control Office add-in error

Add-ins that directly implement ICustomTaskPaneConsumer expose one or more ActiveX controls that you must register. To use the test add-in for ICustomTaskPaneConsumer, you can either rebuild the add-in, which registers it, or simply register the add-in assembly that contains the managed ActiveX control. You must also be sure to rebuild or re-register the shim, so that the shim registration overrides the add-in registration.

_spbodyonloadfunctionnames is undefined Javascript Error in sharepoint

_spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames: Generally, ASP.NET 2.0 Master page concept is used for sharepoint pages and the “body ” is defined in master page. So, the content page is not able to add function to the body’s onload event directly. In order to work around this limitation, SharePoint provides the “_spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames” array. When the body is loaded, the onload event handler executes each function whose name is contained in this array. We added “myFunction” to the array so that it would run when the body’s onload event fires.
_spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push("myFunction ");

Pass parameters to web-service with image uploading in iphone

When you upload a file you are really posting a form's content to the browser by using a different encoding type (enctype) in your form. That encoding is specified as enctype="multipart/form-data" as an attribute of your form.
The specification in RFC 1867 "Form-based File Upload in HTML" describes the mechanism by which a file may be uploaded from a Web browser to the server.
There are a lot of articles to pass image to webservice. but, I require to pass some parameters with image.