Make resolution independent windows app in .net

It is required that windows app should have same layout at different resolutions means there should be no effect on layout of app on changing resolution. Here are the steps to do this.

1. Use table layout panel
2. Drag control in cell of tablelayoutpanel and set anchor and dock property.
3. Set rowspan and colspan properties of dragged control to merge cells
4. Set margin and padding of dragged control with respect to cell.
5. drag all controls and follow same steps, complete design using tablelayoutpanel
6. Now set all columns and rows size of tablelayoutpanel = autosize (or in %)
7. Set tablelayoutpanel properties autosize = true,autosizemode = grow and shrink
8. Set Forms properties autosize = true,autosizemode = grow and shrink
9. Run windows app
If your windows app opens in maximum state then set tablelayoutpanel dock property =fill.

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