How to Start or schedule crawling for searching in MOSS 2007

If you don't see your item in search result in MOSS 2007 means your item has not been crawled. How can we do crawling manually or set schedule for this?
1. Open MOSS 2007 Central administration -> Application management -> Create or configure this farm's shared services in “Office SharePoint Server Shared Services” group.
2. Open shared service of your web application

3. Click on “search settings” in search group.
4. Click on “Content sources and crawl schedules” and open context menu of your content source.
5. In context menu you will get all options:
View Crawl Log
Start full Crawl
Start Incremental Crawl
Resume Crawl
Pause Crawl
Stop Crawl
You can start crawling manually but our aim is to set schedule so click on “Edit”, you will get two “Create Schedule” links, one for Full and another for Incremental crawling.
Click on link which you want to create schedule and give schedule type, time and repeat time(If you want).
Click OK and Enjoy it!!!

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