Move or Copy or send to Document in folder/Subfolder in Document Library in MOSS 2007

Here are the steps to copy document in another place
1. Open the context menu of the Document.
2. Click on send to-> Other Location.
3. By Default Destination name is http://<Server Name>/Docs
4. Suppose you have to copy from Root folder to “DestFolder” then Destination will be “http://<Server Name>/Docs/Documents/ DestFolder” means
Folder URL: Root Folder URL + Folder Name
5. Click on OK.
Note: If document library url is
http://<server Name>/Docs/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2FDocs%2FDocuments
means the root folder url will be
http://<server Name>/Docs/Documents/

For Destiantion
http://<Server Name>/Docs/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fDocs%2fDocuments%2fDestFolder
means folder url will be
http://<server Name>/Docs/Documents/DestFolder/
Note: you have to use folder url to copy the document.

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