Deploy VSeWSS project on production server without VS

Suppose your production and development server are different and production server is not accessible from the development server. There is no visual studio on the production server and you have to deploy your custom code on the production server. Then see following steps:

1. Build the project on the development server. It will create .wsp and setup.bat files.
2. Copy the project bin\debug folder and put it in the production server.
3. Open command prompt and go to the bin\debug path (copied files path) in the production server.
4. If it is the first time of installation then run “setup.bat /install” command.
If it is already installed then we need to first uninstall then install otherwise you will get error the files and folders are already exist in current sharepoint.
To Uninstall, run “setup.bat /uninstall

And then to install, run “setup.bat /install” command.

Hope! It helps you.

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